Grace. Merriam-Webster defines grace as 1. unmerited divine assistance, 2. approval, favor, 3. a charming or attractive trait or characteristic. I have head knowledge of this word. Who knew it would take 37 years to begin to move that knowledge into my heart?

Hello. My name is Grace. In the eyes of others I have lived what others would consider a good life. I have happy childhood memories. I didn’t get into much trouble growing up. I graduated from college in four years. I entered the workforce with a vengeance and experienced quick success. I settled down and married the love of my life. I gave birth to a precious child. I now live a nice life in the suburbs with my family. Some might say I have it all. So why do I find myself in a state of depression?

I find the answer in five little letters – GRACE – or the lack thereof. Somehow I have taken grace out of my life both literally and figuratively speaking.

Now I’m on a mission to explore my past, plan my future, and enjoy my present. I am parking my innermost thoughts on these pages to help in the process. And thus begins a journey of self discovery into my graceless life.

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